Community Playlist

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.”
― Plato

In this activity, we asked people to add songs to a “community playlist,” started by Kimpton’s Director of Music Lauren Bucherie and completed exclusively by guests of Room 301. Guests added more than 100 songs to this eclectic collection, ultimately resulting in the following mix -- bet you won’t find another playlist like it on Spotify!

Key Song Themes:

  • Love/Romance (30%)
  • Heartbreak/Loss (18%)
  • Contentment (18%)
  • Overcoming Challenges/Empowerment (14%)
  • Happiness/Celebration (13%)
  • Regret/Sadness/Failure (5%)
  • Equality/Inclusivity (2%)

As we found with other in-room activities, the mix of songs on the Room 301 Community Playlist underscored the duality of the human experience, with two sides of the romance coin securing the top spots, followed by the representation of a range of positive and negative emotions. Overall, however, the songs were positive in nature (66%).

And musical preferences? Electronic music stole the spotlight, with genre staples rock and pop in close second:

  • Electronic (27%)
  • Rock (25%)
  • Pop (23%)
  • Folk (11%)
  • Hip Hop (9%)
  • Funk (7%)
  • R+B (5%)
  • Country (<1%)
  • Classical (<1%)
  • Christian/Gospel (<1%)

Like the guests themselves, the songs on the Room 301 Community Playlist are diverse, but somehow easily bucketed into shared common experiences. For example, we saw songs about heartbreak spanning the spectrum – from Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s pop song “I’ll Never Love Again” from A Star is Born to Beck’s Alt Rock “Heart Is a Drum.” Check out the Room 301 Community Playlist for yourself on Spotify.