ROOM 301

Today’s world is more connected than ever before. Yet, somehow, many of us feel more disconnected from ourselves and each other. Surrounded by technology, could it be that we’re craving human connection?

In September of 2018, we launched a first-of-its-kind social experiment, “Room 301,” at the Kimpton Everly Hotel in Los Angeles. Over the course of three months, this one room would help us get to know our guests more deeply than ever before, and our guests to better know themselves. Room 301 was born as a reflection of our belief that heartfelt human connections make peoples’ lives better and the idea that commonalities and connections exist between all people – no matter their background or life story.

Could complete strangers share connections even though their stories would only intersect in a shared experience of the same physical space at different points in time? Could we uncover universal intersections and variances of the human experience through activities designed to spark creativity and self-reflection? What makes us all uniquely human?

We welcome you to explore the results and outputs of Room 301 on the pages of this site. Overall, the answer was a resounding yes – people are craving deeper connections that go beyond the surface level of our online interactions. Wildly different people can share a great deal in common – from their fears to pivotal life milestones that leave lasting impressions to the innate desire for community. There is a duality to the human experience – no person is any one thing, but rather a mix of good and bad, success and failure, fear and risk, happiness and sadness and so much more. Ultimately, we believe Room 301 showed that it’s the desire for shared connection and the complexity of our emotions that make us all uniquely human.